How to Handle Fleabite Infection: Care, Cure and Prevention
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How to Handle Fleabite Infection: Care, Cure and Prevention

How to handle fleas. What to look for and how to treat fleas and flea bites.

Fleabites can be so annoying and some people not only itch but they become allergic to the bites as well. Learn the signs to look out for and the treatment to ease the itch and pain.

Things You'll Need:

- Benadryl

- Calamine Lotion

- Topical hydrocortisone

Identify the signs

If you start itching and notice your pet is itching as well note that this is a telltale sign that you may be a suffering from fleabites. It is important to note that not all humans are targeted by fleas so don't assume that just because the rest of the family is not scratching that you don't have fleabites.

Fleas have three different mouths and they will inject a fluid into the host animal or human. This is what causes the annoying itch. Fleas are so tiny you may not know you have them on your body until they bite and you begin to itch all over.

Prevent an infestation by treating your pets - see my article "How to Deal With A Flea Infestation".

If left untreated, pets will suffer and develop rashes and other skin irritations and so will the humans that these fleas jump onto.

Know what a human fleabite looks like and how it is the same or different in appearance from any other kind of insect bite

Fleabites usually have distinctive markings, and they are little red itchy blotches. They usually form a line of three bites at a time. This makes them different to other insect bites which appear in random order.

Fleabites usually appear first on the feet and legs since they live in the floors of your home or apartment. Therefore it is quite logical that they would jump to your feet and legs as they are the closest to the floor.

Fleas attach to the areas of the body that are exposed and legs and feet are usually exposed especially in the summer as people go bare legged and barefooted or wear a flimsy sandal.

Fleas can and will attack other areas of the body as well. Any part of skin that is exposed will be a target for a good blood meal. They also attack at the waistline of pants or any tight fitting area of clothing.

They will invade your bed and bedding, your furniture, stuffed animals, cushions and so on.

Identity further telltale signs of a fleabite.

These red itchy blotches can also cause swelling.

Excessive scratching can cause infection. Fleabites will fill with fluid when they are infected. Excessive scratching will also cause skin to breakdown and rashes such as hives and burning may occur. Scratching can also cause the wound to bleed and form a scab.

Methods of treatment

The best treatment is prevention, treat your animals before the problem occurs. Fleas thrive in humidity. Set your dehumidifier to 50 degrees this will prevent their breeding.

Make sure your house is clean and all bedding, furniture and floors are treated, floors are swept twice a day, and vacuum cleaner bags are emptied right away.

To treat flea infections

Normally fleabites will just disappear on their own but, in case of a severe infection use Benadryl to relieve the itch, pain, or burning. You can apply a topical hydrocortisone cream. You can consult with your pharmacist for a good brand.

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Comments (5)

Great info, very good to know just in case these little critter come about, thanks!

Ranked #3 in Pet Health

thanks hon, yep I do believe it is good to know as well.

I hate fleas, my cats got them recently from another cat that we were pet sitting. Not known to us the cat we were pet sitting infested my cats with fleas and now we have had to deal with the infestation, as well as flea bites on our ankles and legs. They are quite hard to get rid of, but we're giving our cats Frontline now and we're going to bomb our house soon. I called and talked to my vet and she said that fleas are apparently really bad this year. Can't wait until they all die!!!

Ranked #3 in Pet Health

yep they are nasty creatures and left unattended they breed like crazy

good informative article thanks