Health Risks of Obesity in Cats
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Health Risks of Obesity in Cats

Health risks of a fat cat. Health problems caused by obesity in cats. What problems do fat cats have? Health concerns for cats that are obese. Is it okay to let a cat get a little big fat? Learn about why letting your cat get fat is not a good idea? Learn more about nutrition in cats as it relates to their health and condition. Why being fat is bad for cats.

Obesity in cats is a real problem. It can shorten a cat's lifespan. Sadly some owners seem intent on now only letting their cat get fat, but actually making it get fat. People seem to think that fat cats are cute and something to be proud of.

Having a fat cat is not something to brag about, it is something to be ashamed of. Make no mistake – obesity kills cats.

Many commercial cat foods add fat to give the food flavor. They cheat; using cheap filler rather than actual meat. Cats are true carnivores, but many cat foods use corn, or rice, rather than actual meat, as a main ingredient. They use fat to make the food taste good. The cat becomes somewhat addicted to eating the fatty tasting food, it eats more food to get the nutrition it needs (it has to eat more food since the food is low in nutrition). These foods use a lot of carbohydrates, which cats cannot process, they become fat.

Further more cats are not getting as much exercise as they should. Many are kept indoors only, which is safer for them, but often restricts exercise. A thyroid problem can also cause a cat to become obese, but this is certainly not the problem for the majority of fat cats.

Above - authors spayed indoor only cat - at a good weight.

Heath Risks of Being Obese in Cats

Obesity can lead to many health problems, it puts a strain on the cat's heart, and legs. Obesity can cause diabetes, hepatic lipidosis, and/or arthritis, as well as other problems.

Diabetes can be life threatening, the symptoms may include frequent urination, drinking more, lethargy, the cat may seem disoriented at times, may develop cataracts, and could slip into a coma.  Cats with diabetes may need daily insulin injections.

Hepatic lipidosis is fatty liver disease. Symptoms include weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, depression, the cat may carry its head low, and may collapse.

Arthritis is characterized as aches and pains in the joints.

Skin conditions are also a common side affect of being obese.

Obesity can cause a cat to have a poor immune response.

An obese cat is at greater risk for heat stroke.

Heart disease is common in overweight cats.

What to do if your Cat is Obese

If you suspect your cat is obese you should take it to your veterinarian, have them tell you what your cats ideal weight should be. Have them examine your cat to determine if it has any of the mentioned health concerns.

Work to reduce your cats weight but increasing its exercise, and fixing its diet. Do not change the cat's diet suddenly or you can cause further problems.

Treats are particularly fattening and should be eliminated right away, you can give your cat a small piece of chicken if you wish to give it a treat. Your cat should not have milk, diary, or other human foods such as tuna or gravy.

Please read How to Put a Cat on a Diet and keep your cat healthy.

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what about a cat that eats only dry cat food?

Thank you for your wise lessons.

Excellent information to vote up.

Carol - Dry food is very fattening - it is the dry food in particular where you find the carbohydrates that make the cat fat - many dry foods use cheap filler - corn, by-products, and so forth, a cat on a good quality dry food will usually eat less and be healthy it is the lower quality dry foods that cause most obesity problems.

nice lesson about cat obesity, thanks Brenda

Thanks for the info Brenda. Vot'd, twtd, dugg, SU