Can Dogs Eat Dry Cat Food Safely And Can Cats Eat Canned Dog Food
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Can Dogs Eat Dry Cat Food Safely And Can Cats Eat Canned Dog Food

our cats like dry dogfood and canned dog food and the dogs like the dry cat food and canned cat food. is it harmful for them to eat each others food?

Asked on Sep 1, 2010Improve / edit this question

3 Answers

Sandy Shannon   L3: Expert   420 answers   +312 votes
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It may not hurt occasionally, but these foods are formulated differently. The concentrations of protein and various minerals are different, so a steady diet of food meant for a different species may result in excessively high doses of some nutrients (which can be toxic) or excessively low amounts of needed nutrients (which can cause malnourishment).

Posted on Sep 3, 2010
Natalie Begil   L2: Contributor   183 answers   +67 votes
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I do not think that it is going to harm them. but you need to know that cat food is made specially for cats while dog food is made specially for dogs.  If they happen to eat it each others food on occasion along with their normal food, it should be fine.  Never allow the animals to just each the others food and not their own food because it can cause them to lose nutrients and not get all the vitamins and other things they need. 

Posted on Sep 3, 2010
Velvet Blade   L2: Contributor   26 answers   +8 votes
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It depends on the food. If it is a commercial canned or dry food, then no. The nutritional value for a dog and cat is totally different. Often there are essential nutrients missing in dog food that cats need. Dog food also has some ingredients that often are harmful to cats, such as tomatoes. Dogs have a different nutritional need than cats, so the same goes for dogs eating cat food. Cat food has more protein than dog food, for example. That's why dog food is often less expensive than cat food.

If you feed a raw diet, the only difference would be the added vitamins, mineral and supplements that you add to it. The meat itself should be fairly interchangable.

Posted on Mar 2, 2011

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