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Pet Health Forum & FAQ

Last answer by BlogWriter 61 months ago +0 votes:
How often should I feed my turtle then? How often is well-fed? I was told I should feed it at for a max of 3 times a week because it can die if it gets overfed, how true is that? more
Last answer by Kate Watkoski 59 months ago +0 votes:
Firstly, I do not recommend instilling any drops or other medications into your dog's eyes until your vet examines the eye. If a corneal ulcer is present, many eye drops can make the problem extremely worse. That being said, there are a number of possible diagnoses from what you described. A condition called Proptosis is surprisingly common in Shih Tzus. This is a condition in which the eyeball l... more
Last answer by Arri London 62 months ago +0 votes:
Our cats have always been spayed/neutered. I'm currently geting a tribe of cats 'done' whose mother used to belong to a very  stupid someone living across the street. The mother cat was allowed to roam along with her unfixed male sibling with the expected result. That's being done by the local Animal Humane Society. Bot the city shelter and Animal Humane do free or very low cost spa... more
Last answer by Daniel Burgess 62 months ago +0 votes:
The best thing to do to attack a flea infestation is hire a pest control service.  You may be able to purchase some solvents that could help, but they are small and could be in areas you cannot reach.  If you hire someone they will be experienced in the removal of fleas, and would likely warranty their work.  So if they do not get them all, or they reinfect in a certain time period ... more
Asked in Pet Health1 answers
Last answer by Daniel Burgess 62 months ago +0 votes:
You have clearly already taken your animals to the vet if they are recieving treatment for parvo.  So your best bet is to discuss with your vet what they think.  If they survive the parvo though they should have the antibodies built up to keep them from getting it again for a while.  You may be able to wait for another year because of that.  Best thing is to talk to your vet th... more
Asked in Pet Health1 answers
Last answer by Peter Curtis 62 months ago +0 votes:
Frontline plus or Adantage are ones I cam recommend. They are recommended here in Australia and is good for both dogs and cats depending on the weight. I used frontline on a small dog that was infested and it worked miracles for him. Good Luck Amy. more
Last answer by gerrie grimsley 63 months ago +1 votes:
Awesome!  Thanks for these great suggestions.  I'm saving them in my "Beau" folder and will try one until we hit the jack pot!  I can always count on you for dog information!  (As well as other great info!) more
Last answer by Amit Anil Rivankar 63 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, VetShop.Com does have a Price Match Policy. According to their Price Match Policy, if you find a lower advertised price on the same available medication prior to your purchase, VetShop.Com will match that price. For that, the products must be identical and in stock at the time of placing an order with the other company. The offer is valid at the time of sale and upto 7 days after. more
Last answer by Amit Anil Rivankar 63 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, you can certainly earn from referring a friend or a family member at In fact, not only yourself, but also your referral stands to benefit when you referral makes a purchase at Whenever your referral makes a purchase, $10 are credied into your account, which can be used for future orders. Also if your referral mentions your customer number while placing the order, $10... more
Last answer by Amit Anil Rivankar 63 months ago +0 votes:
Great thing about Vet Approved Rx is that it is now accepting PayPal as a form of payment. Besides PayPal it also accepts other forms of payment such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Vet Approved Rx is also a verified Authorize.Net merchant, so you can safely make online transaction without any worry. more
Last answer by Lizzie Donovan 64 months ago +0 votes:
When I had a dog, it used to get really nervous about going to the vet. It started salivating and all that. Now I have a cat and I've never taken it to a vet clinic. The vet comes round my house and everything is done here. OK, so it's a bit more expensive than taking your pet to the clinic, but I've found that dealing with the pen in a stress-free environment really pays off. more
Last answer by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman 64 months ago +0 votes:
I do not have pet insurance per se. What I did though when I first got my cat was sign up with Banfield Vets located right in my local PetSmart. They take an average of what regular "normal" care is on an annual basis for a healthy animal and simply divided by 12 and I pay monthly (automatic deduction from checking). It covers practically everything. As your pet ages, so too does her (or his) need... more
Last answer by Glenda Fabillar 64 months ago +0 votes:
You just have to tell him.  Trust is an important consideration in choosing your vet.  If you think a certain vet is not giving you satisfactory opinion or advice regarding your pet, then it is better to find someone else who you can trust.  For me, it is useless to continue hiring the service of someone you don't trust.  I wouldn't want to be the vet in that situation. more
Last answer by Jake Andrews 64 months ago +0 votes:
I think it really all depends on your personal preferrences; whatever makes YOU feel most comfortable. It is understandably a sad event for any pet owner, and the "right" thing to say will always be subjective. Though, objectively speaking, "put to sleep" seems to be the gentlest term. more
Last answer by yasmin bash 65 months ago +0 votes:
When the dog is having its seizure, the only thing I can do is lay him dowm and put a cloth or spoon in his mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue and call the veterinarian. more
Asked in Pet Health6 answers
Last answer by Kaleidoscope Acres 65 months ago +1 votes:
Seems like it is one of those things with lots of hype but really little to worry about as it is rarely fatal unless the dog has other health problems. I wrote this more
Last answer by Rena Sherwood 65 months ago +0 votes:
There may be a slim chance, but a change in behavior is a huge sign of illness.  It's best to take her to a vet and be sure.  Many illnesses are treatable if caught early enough. more
Last answer by Kaleidoscope Acres 65 months ago +0 votes:
I would ask what food he is on. If there has been a food change it could be his diet, many cat foods use cheap filler, corn, wheat, by-products, and the cat's skin and coat can suffer as a result. He may have fleas, or lice, although as a declawed cat he probably does not go outside so this is not a strong possiblity.  It could also be seasonal, the dry air.   You can try brushing him, ... more
Last answer by Rena Sherwood 65 months ago +0 votes:
Adding to what Brenda said, the AKC has done many things in the past that show that they are not concerned about the health and wellbeing of dogs.  They support docking tails and cropping ears for the sake of fashion, even though many countries have banned these procedures.  The AKC also opposed several anti-puppy mill legistation, including those in my home state of Pennsylvania.&n... more
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