Litter Box Training Your Small Dog Can Be An Easy Alternative
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Litter Box Training Your Small Dog Can Be An Easy Alternative

Sometimes it can be difficult to take your small dog outside. An easy alternative is the use of a litter box for your small dog. If you have an apartment or you live in unpleasant weather, your dog can learn to use the litter box as a way to to go potty without making messes around the home . . .

If you have a small size dog such as the Chihuahua, it may seem more convenient for you and the pup to train him to potty in a litter box, just as a cat does, especially if you live in areas where the climate changes. I personally have 3 small Chihuahuas and one of them was trained to potty in a litter box from day one. Some toy breeds of dog will not appreciate having to go out into the cold, ice and snow to do their business. Litter box training your small dog is safe, easy and fool proof.

Litter box training small dogs has become more and more popular over the years. In fact, many breeders start training their pups from day one on either paper or in the litter box so when they get to a permanent home; they are familiar with what is expected of them. Do not let them fool you, though, as they are smarter than they lead you to believe, and can easily learn the rules of home.

In starting your litter box training, choose a room without carpet where you can place the litter box, while confining your puppy with a baby gate when necessary.

Put either your dogs opened crate or a dog bed in the same area so he has his own safe little “bedroom/sleeping and resting area”. This will be his secure place for sleep, naps or just quiet time. Also, be sure to provide his food/water dish.

Spread newspapers or potty pads on the floor in a corner of that room, placing the litter box in the middle of the papers. Choose a litter box that your puppy can get in and out of. Some of the kitty litter boxes are too high so shop around to get a small kitty size, the right size for your dog’s personal needs. You can graduate to a larger size pan as your dog grows or if you have more than one dog.

Fill the litter box only about half full with special puppy litter. You can find this safe litter for puppies at Pet Co and Pets mart. Do not use kitty litter for a dog. You must remember that puppies like to eat everything and kitty litter is toxic to them. Empty the litter box as needed.

Keep your puppy confined to this area unless well supervised so he does not have any accidents in other areas. When he uses the potty box, do not forget to give him a small treat plus lots and lots of praise. Never scold him for making a mistake. Praise works better than punishment. Do not ever raise your voice or hit your puppy for not using the potty box. In addition, if you do not actually “catch him in the act” of inappropriate potty behavior, do not by any means scold him. He already forgot why he is being scolded. You must actually catch him doing the act in order to show him what the right thing to do is. Pick him up when you catch him in the middle of his potty act, take him to the litter box and calmly tell him, potty in the litter box. Use short, simple terms, one or two word phrases. With repetition and patience, you will succeed


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