Know What to Do If You Dog or Cat is Stung by a Scorpion
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Know What to Do If You Dog or Cat is Stung by a Scorpion

There are so many dangers that our pets can encounter and we have to be the ones to protect them. Although scorpions are not in existence everywhere you may live, you may encounter them at some point in time. If your dog or cat is met and stung by a scorpion, you need to know how to help your pet. Learn the symptoms of a scorpion sting and what to do to treat your pet and save its life.

Most scorpions that are found around the USA are considered non-toxic although the venom contains digestive enzymes that can cause your dog or cat extreme pain if stung. The Centruroides Exilicauda scorpion, however, is venomous, very rare, and predominantly found in the southwestern United States. If you do live in an area where scorpions exist, it can be a concern, not only for yourself, but the curious and playful pet who is not aware of eminent danger. It is important that you know what to do in an emergency situation to save a pet that has been stung by a scorpion.

The danger to your pet that has been stung by a scorpion is dependent upon the dog’s size and how quickly you are aware of the problem. The symptoms of a scorpion sting on your pet will be evident through drooling, crying and whining, abnormal behavior, difficulty breathing and swallowing, muscle tremors, uncontrollable vomiting, urinating and defecating, collapse, and blindness/dilated pupils. If the result of the scorpion sting is fatal, it is due to hypertension, respiratory disorder and abnormalities of the heart.

If at all possible, it would be best to identify the type of scorpion involved so the veterinarian will know specifically how to treat your pet.  Antidotes for the scorpion stings are not recommended for dogs and cats. Most often the doctor will try to remove the stinger.  Specific pain medications may be administered to treat certain symptoms such as muscle tremors and seizures. If necessary, a supplementation of intravenous fluids may be necessary at the time of treatment to maintain hydration and urine output in order to get the toxins out of the body as quickly as possible. The pet would also be monitored for an accumulation of fluids in the lungs known as pulmonary edema.

Not all dangers are preventable when it comes to the pets. They seem to get into a lot of nooks and crannies that we do not and those are just the type of little dark areas that critters like to hide. Monitor your garden and home carefully and often so that all areas frequented by your pets are safe from peril.  If you live in an area where scorpions do exist, take extra precautions in an effort on your part to keep your pet safe. Keep your dog confined to a tightly fenced-in yard and cats should be kept indoors for their own protect. Do all you can to keep your pet safe-guarded from the dangerous encounters of a scorpion.

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Comments (2)

Thank you. We sometimes travel to scorpion areas. I'm very sure that I would freak out. Now, maybe not.

Thank you. We sometimes travel to scorpion areas. I'm very sure that I would freak out. Now, maybe not.