How to Tell If Your Dog is Lazy, Sleepy or Sick
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How to Tell If Your Dog is Lazy, Sleepy or Sick

As a puppy, they are very energetic and full of life and spunk. As the mature, some dogs are more laid back and lazy than others. As an owner and pet parent, you need to be aware of the habits of your dog. Learn how you can decipher whether your dog is just a little lazy or is actually sick and not feeling at its best.

Some dogs love to just lie around and do nothing which can be okay. For many, it is in their nature – their genes. When you choose a dog, you need to research the personality traits, health and physical needs of the breed you are considering to bring into your home. However, what if your normally active dog is suddenly lazy and sleeping all the time? Is it a cause for concern?

No one knows your dog better than you do. You are aware if your dog is eating normally, playing as usual and sleeping peacefully? You need to take note of any unusual behavior to observe if your dog is not feeling well. Obviously as a dog ages, it usually slows down, sleeps more than usual and appears to be on the lazy side. So how do you know if your dog is lazy or feeling “under the weather?”

One of the first symptoms that your dog is not feeling well is through lethargic behavior. There are other signs you need to be aware of as well since most dogs seem lethargic at some time or another. Besides being lethargic, is your dog experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, a change in eating habits, bloody urine or stools, relentless pacing, pale gums or any other signs of discomfort. Is your dog drinking plenty of water and is it exhibiting signs of labored breathing. Is there a foul odor significant of an infection, mostly apparent in the ears?

The problem is that your dog cannot communicate its feelings to you and most have a way of hiding it when they don’t feel well. Dogs are such troupers and don’t complain the way many humans do. You as the responsible owner must determine whether your dog is just being lazy or not feeling like himself.

Your observations are important when it comes to getting your dog medical attention in the event of an illness. The doctor will need to know all the symptoms that you have noted on your dog from his usual habits, breathing, eating and drinking, normal bodily functions as well as how the eyes and ears look.  Do the eyes appear red and swollen? Are they clear or cloudy? Has your dog been favoring them? Any other unusual problems noted with the eyes.

As for the ears, the first sign of a problem is an odor. Many times you will note your dog scratching at the ears or tilting its head, a clear sign of an ear infection.

Most pet parents are in tune to the behaviors of their pets and you know instinctively when your dog is not feeling well. Since dogs cannot talk and tell you their problems, it is your responsibility as a loving pet owner to know when a dog is in distress and in need of medical attention.

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Susan, my dog is both sleepy and lazy, lol, what ya gonna do? Peace Jaz