How to Decide On a Dry or Canned Dog or Cat Food
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How to Decide On a Dry or Canned Dog or Cat Food

One of the most important decisions you have to make when you get a new dog or cat. Cost is always an important aspect in your choice although your pet's health should be the main concern. There are pros and cons in food choices as well - should you choose a dry food or canned food. Learn some of the main reasons to choose one over the other and make an educated decision in the best interest of your pet.

When you get a new pet, dog or cat, the biggest responsibility involves the proper diet and nutrition for that new family member. When you first bring that animal into your home, the best idea is to continue it on the food it was fed prior to the adoption. Changing a new pet’s food needs to be gradual to avoid gastric problems, vomiting and diarrhea. It is necessary to work with your veterinarian to make any diet changes once you have decided on a dry or canned/semi-moist food.

Dry foods may contain many by-products and fillers and are corn, rice and soybean based. When choosing any foods, it is imperative that you read labels to find the best food for your pet. Although cost impacts most of you, the cheaper, generic dog foods contain minimum nutritional value. As a pet parent, you have committed yourself to providing the best care for your dog or cat.

Choose the better premium dog and cat foods, listing protein as the number one ingredient. The varieties are endless – foods for larger dogs, smaller dogs, arthritic formulas and choices to improve the skin and coat. Cat choices include varieties for the indoor cat versus those allowed outdoors, hairball formulas, dental recipes as well as foods for urinary tract problems.

Canned foods do have more varieties in flavors which most pets thoroughly enjoy. The generic canned foods may claim to have meat in the ingredients but you may notice, upon reading labels that the main elements are fillers and by-products. Where’s the beef, or chicken – other meats or proteins? Premium brands contain more nutritional value although all canned foods do carry excess water – unlike the dry foods.

Benefits of the dry foods –

  • Premium brands, full of nutritional value, work best for the ravenous appetite since they are more filling without the added water content.
  • Dry foods do not leave as much residue on the dog or cat’s teeth and gums which causes periodontal disease.
  • If you have a dog or cat that likes to eat throughout the day rather than at specific meal times, a dry food works best for this type of pet.

Canned foods do work best for the smaller pet although some finicky animals may need variety in order to make the food more appealing and appetizing. With such a fussy dog or cat, you can try mixing a tablespoon of premium canned food, a little water and choice dry food together to encourage your pet at mealtimes. A food choice of this nature cannot be left out all day.

Amount of food fed and the actual variety depends upon your dog, its size and breed and directions as listed on the food label.  Whenever in doubt, speak with your veterinarian so that you can provide the best health and nutrition for your pet.                                                            

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My kitties have a premium dry cat food that is free choice, they get canned on occassion.