Foods Which Are Harmful or Unhealthy for Dogs to Eat
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Foods Which Are Harmful or Unhealthy for Dogs to Eat

You sit down at the dinner table and there’s your dog looking at you with sad eyes anticipating getting some of your meal. There are foods on your plate a dog should never eat. These foods can be very harmful and some can be fatal to your dog.

Dogs have a different metabolism than humans. Some of the everyday food we eat is toxic to a dog’s digestive system. They have different nutritional needs then us, which is why you want to feed him dog food that is formulated for those needs.

A list of Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

Alcoholic Beverages is an absolute no no. You would think this is common sense. There are people that think it is okay to give their dogs beer, especially larger dogs. Size does not matter, it is still harmful. Dogs can become intoxicated causing injury to themselves; they can go into a coma or die. There is hops in beer which is another ingredient a dog should not ingest.

Onions or Garlic can cause anemia. Garlic is not as toxic as onions. There seems to be a lot of controversy when it comes to giving dogs garlic. Some people use it to get rid of fleas and swear by it. Some will use it to flavor their organic dog food. Some dogs may be able to tolerate it, but I don’t think it is worth taking the chance.

Chicken or Fish Bones can cause lacerations in your dog’s digestive system which can cause internal bleeding.

Cat Food is very high in protein specifically made for a cat’s needs. Though, cat food would not probably kill your dog, but if fed for long periods could cause digestive problems.

Chocolate can be very toxic to your dog. It can cause heart and nervous system problems and can be fatal. I was lucky, my lab, ingested a half box of chocolate candy, rappers and all. When I discovered what she had done, it was already in her system and the vet told me to keep an eye on her. It didn’t phase her. She was just fine. The vet thinks I might have made a mistake on the amount she ingested or she was just one lucky dog. It could have killed her.

Fat can cause pancreatitis. When you trim fat from meat, even if it’s cooked, do not give it to your dog. You could also end up with an overweight dog.

Grapes and Raisins have a toxin that can damage your dog’s kidneys. It only takes a small serving.

Hops can be very dangerous to your dog’s health. It can cause excessive panting, an elevated temperature and heart rate. This can cause your dog to have seizures and possibly die.

Macadamia Nuts can affect a dog’s digestive and nervous system. Walnuts can also be harmful to your dog. Before giving your dog any kind of nuts, check with your vet.

These are just some of the foods a dog should never eat. There are others, but also remember there are many different types of plants that can be toxic to dogs. Always check with your vet if you are not sure about a specific food or a plant you have in your house.

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Comments (9)

Thanks a lot. . .this list is extremely helpful!!! When I was little, my parents didn't think that foods safe for humans could possibly be harmful to dogs. We fed my little chihuahua grapes as treats, and when he got older, his kidneys failed =( Now I know that I have to be very careful with what I feed my dogs!

This list is great, thanks! my dog loves grapes and i used to give him them before i knew they were bad.. i freaked out when i read grapes were poisonous to dogs. but all's well that ends well:) I have a doberman mix and he has been underweight lately ...bummed I have a new boyfriend I think:) Anywayy, I have been sharing a lot of people food with him lately to try to get him back up to weight. One of his favorites is SALMON and I've noticed that its really helped his coat too! For those dogs who aren't blessed with my boy's metabolism, your dog can get the same benefit from Fish Oil pills. You can find these at your local pet store. They are lower in fat & calories but still help your canine companion get the same shiny healthy coat. This can be really helpful for dogs who itch a lot but don't have fleas -- often a sign of dry skin...

I fed my dog chocolate once and he was sick for a week - never do that!

Chocolate is an interesting one. How much chocolate your dog ingests is important, but not as important as the *kind* of chocolate! In terms of toxicity: White chocolate < Milk Chocolate < Sweet Cocoa < Baking (Dark) Chocolate So how much is too much? White Chocolate: 200 oz/lb of dog's body weight. It takes 250 lbs of white chocolate to poison a 20 lb dog, 125 lbs for a 10 lb dog. Milk Chocolate: 1 oz/lb of dog's body weight. It takes appx. 1 lb of milk chocolate to poison a 20 lb dog, 8 oz for a 10 lb dog. The average chocolate bar contains 2 to 3 ounces of milk chocolate. It would take 2-3 candy bars to poison a 10 pound dog. Semi-sweet chocolate: 0.3 oz/lb of dog's body weight. 1/3 lb semi-sweet chocolate is toxic to a 20 lb dog. Dark chocolate: 0.1 oz/lb of dog's body weight. Two 1-oz squares of bakers' chocolate is toxic to a 20-pound dog, and 1 oz for a 10-pound dog. in other words.. if your dog gets into dark chocolate you have a major problem on your hands, but they'd have to eat their weight in white chocolate before you'd have a dead doggy..

Ranked #36 in Pet Health

I am glad this article was helpful. Thanks Jenny for the additional info on chocolate. I know dark chocolate is the most harmful with the least amount.

Boo on no beer for dogs! I like to enjoy a good Budweiser with my Freddie my doggie! I guess I shouldn't be doing that =(((

Good information CA but if there is a beer sitting on a table to knock over and drink up, my dog Goldie will find it and go for it! I didn't think it was much harm. Goldie will be mad that you warned us! BAHA!!! :o)

Ranked #36 in Pet Health

Hi Amy, It is really strange how some dogs love beer. You would think the taste would be unpleasant to a dog and you wouldn't have to worry about your dog drinking it. A few laps probably is not going to hurt the dog as long as Goldie doesn't do it on a consistant basis. Tell Goldie I am sorry but it is for Goldie's own safety. It gives a whole new meaning to drinking under the table. I hope you and Goldie have a great day.

Dogs have life and feelings as well, they deserve to be treated like human as well as fed healthy foods. Thanks for sharing this great article, voted and shared.