Facts About Online Pet Pharmacies, the Pros and Cons
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Facts About Online Pet Pharmacies, the Pros and Cons

Everything is costly these days and that includes medications. If your dog or cat has been prescribed a medication by your veterinarian, you don't want to feel that you cannot afford to take care of your pet as needed, especially medications and preventatives that are needed from month to month. Learn some tips on how to consider a reputable online pet pharmacy.

Whether it is for yourself or your pets, many people resort to purchasing their prescription medications through online pharmacies. Sometimes it is because folks don’t have insurance for themselves or the prescriptions are just remarkably cheaper at these venues.  This is most often the case when your pets require medications for a health and/or parasitic condition, and more.

When a veterinarian prescribes a medication, they do prefer that you purchase the required drugs right there and then. Many times, there is no other option. If your dog or cat needs to be medicated to treat an immediate problem, you certainly can’t order at an online pharmacy and then sit and wait for delivery while your pet is in limbo with an illness. The treatment needs immediate action and should be purchased at the time of diagnosis.

Although medications through the veterinary office may appear to be on the higher end, the pros of this transaction is that your doctor stands by his products, that they are of high quality and he/she is always available to answer questions. Product quality and safety are guaranteed. Only your doctor knows and can ensure the proper dose for your particular pet according to its age and size. Sometimes a vet is hesitant to write a prescription to a pharmacy he is unfamiliar with – some vets want you to order strictly from them.

There are reputable online pharmacies and it is necessary that you get a referral from your vet as well as do some of your own research before resorting to one of these pet pharmacies. . With your pet’s life at stake, you don’t want to risk medicating your pet from a pharmacy that may be less costly but not reputable. Remember that there has to be a reason they can sell the same medications at cheaper costs. It is not uncommon for these places to sell counterfeit medications in order to cut the price. Know that the products are approved by the FDA and EPA and follow FDA regulations.

There are numerous reputable online pet pharmacies that should work closely with your vet and require a prescription for these types of medications. Any pharmacy online that wants to sell products as such without a prescription is sending out a red flag. Their products are obviously sub-quality. It is rare that a veterinarian will not endorse a particular pharmacy so that you can afford medications you need for your pet. The health and well-being of your pet is of utmost importance to your doctor and he would not endorse an on-line pet pharmacy with a less than perfect reputation. 

An online pet pharmacy is not a good idea when you need medication right there and then but if your pet has to be on a month-by-month medication therapy, this would be a good option to save money long-term. Along with reputation and feedback, you should consider customer service and contact information when looking for a pharmacy with dependable service and quality products. It is important to have good customer service when questions arise. When it comes to your pet’s care and health, you need a pharmacy you can trust.

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