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Get true answers from experts in Pet Health. sells every type of pet supply you and your pets will need, except prescription medications. does sell all types of supplements and vitamins for dogs and other pets though. carries pet supplies in the following main categories: Dog Cat Bird Ferret Fish Reptile Small Animal Wild Bird Their carry all major brands of pet supplies that include: Purina Best Feline Friends (BFF) Bio Groom Frontline Holistic Select Pedigree And many ...
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Value Pet Supplies sells pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals like ferrets and hamsters. Their pet supplies include food, vitamins, supplements, flea and tick treatments, crates, beds, treats, training materials and much more. The brands they carry include Merrick, Hartz, Frontline, Angels Eyes, Greenies, Cosequin, Petmate and more, Not only does Value Pet Supplies sell all types of pet supplies, they also have an Adopt-a-Pet section to their website and they dona...
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Muttropolis markets per care products and supplies through a network of specialty stores in California, Colorado, and Arizona. It retails collars, harnesses, leashes, food and treats, toys, beds and travel products, clothes and accessories, bowls and feeders, and pick up and grooming products for dogs and cats. The company also retails its products online. 
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Do animals feel anything when they are fed with marijuana waste? It has not been studied yet whether pigs understand the difference, when they are fed hemp plants waste or some other type of food. However, animals in general tend to show a preference on a specific kind of food over another, and even do not like some types of feed at all.
Published by New Energy 57 months ago in Pet Health | +1 votes | 0 comments is rapidly growing - Pet related consumer focused ecommerce company website specializing in meeting the needs of pet owners, with over 15,000 products across 400+ brands for all animals. On its website customers can search for from the categories of Dog, Cat, Flea & Tick Center, Birds, Wild Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Small Animals and Nutrition Center.
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How do pet cats get worms, how do pet dogs get worms? How to diagnose worms in a pet, how to treat worms in a cat or dog. How do pets get heartworm? How to protect a pet from getting worms. Learn the different ways that pets get worms. Worms are internal parasites that can make pets sick and increase feeding costs.
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 89 months ago in Pet Health | +18 votes | 13 comments
Hip dysplasia and bloat are two serious health problems that are a threat to large and giant sized dogs.
Published by Patricia Cartwright 89 months ago in Pet Health | +7 votes | 2 comments
Dogs often face the discomfort of ear infections due to many factors such as trapped moisture, viruses and bacteria. We can monitor our dog's ear problems and keep them relatively clean and dry, free from infection.
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Heat stroke is a very real danger for dogs during the hot weather. It is an ownerÂ’s responsibility to ensure their dog is well protected from the heat.
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Parvo Virus in puppies
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Diabetes in pets can be serious. However, with the right insulin treatment for pets along with a diabetic pet diet, diabetic pets can live a long, happy life with diabetes.
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This article gives a few options for people who need help paying for the health needs of their pets.
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Emergency treatment to save your pets life.
Published by Jeff Merrow 100 months ago in Pet Health | +5 votes | 4 comments
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