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Doggyloot is the best way for dog owners to pamper their pups by discovering and trying new chews, toys, treats and more at up to 75% off.   They can forget driving to the pet store to pay full price on the same old treats by purchasing at Doggyloot and receiving hand-selected deals at home at their convenience.    How does Doggyloot work?    As email subscribers, dog owners receive Doggyloot’s daily email about brand new products in its email or on ...
Published by Gilbert Cooper 58 months ago in Pet Health | +3 votes | 0 comments is an online shop where items related to birds are available. The products include birds’ guides or other related CDs, books or bird watching products, all from and for all the parts of the world. The categories on this website are Software, Nature Sounds, Birds, Nature Books, Binoculars, Birdfeeders, Home/Garden, Kids, each with its own subcategory.
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Doctors Foster and Smith is an online store that offers an amazing selection of pet supplements and vitamins, beds, air pumps, bird cages, heating control, hoof care, and much more. Doctors Foster and Smith has eight main shopping categories: Shop Now Pet Meds & Vaccines Flea & Tick Control Heartworm & Wormers Supplements Healthcare Christmas Clearance The Shop Now shopping category has 11 sub-categories: Dog Cat Pet Pharmacy Fish Pond Bird Wild ...
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VPI Pet Insurance conducted a survey of their own clients as to the most common medical conditions for family pets around the holiday season. Most pet holiday accidents or injuries are related to pets eating people food or other holiday objects. Pet owners should protect their furry friends from potential holiday dangers.
Published by Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman 58 months ago in Pet Health | +1 votes | 0 comments
Ezy Dog sells their own line of dog products for active dogs. Ezy Dog products are made to last and are designed with rugged outdoor dogs in mind. However, Ezy Dog products are not just for sporting dogs, they are so nice, they even look great on pampered toy dogs whose biggest adventure is a once a week trek to the dog park.  Ezy Dog sells: Dog Backpacks Dog Bowls Dog Coats Dog Collars Dog Harnesses Dog Car Restraints Dog Leashes Dog Life Jackets Dog Toys Pet Carrier...
Published by Patricia Cartwright 60 months ago in Pet Health | +2 votes | 0 comments, as the name says, is an online company which sells medicine for the most beloved animal friend a person can have. It is owned and operated by pet lovers therefore the customers can only expect the guarantee of obtaining only the best and the cheapest products for their pets. From medicine against pet’s unwanted visitors to vitamins and sprays, the website promises any products necessary for the domesticated animals.
Published by Sasha Brown 60 months ago in Pet Health | +0 votes | 0 comments is an online store that offers a wide selection of dog collars, dog leashes, dog toys, dog bowls, and other dog accessories. is known for it's safety items for dogs such as reflective vests and lighted collars. has numerous shopping categories: New Arrivals Halloween Dog Keep Dog Cool Dog Cooling Pad Dog Cooling Collar Dog Cooling Tube  Dog Cooling Vest  Canine Cooler  Canine Cooler Cover Ke...
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My Favorite Pet Shop offers pet supplies for dogs and cats. For dogs they offer toys, bowls, feeders, collars, harnesses, leashes, beds, crate pads, throws, grooming, shampoo, crates, carriers, pens, clothes, accessories and more. For cats they offer toys, catnip, litter boxes, beds, throws, scratchers, collars, bowls, feeders, grooming, accessories and more.
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All Pets Considered is a company that sell pet supplies. For dogs, they offer harnesses, leashes, apparel, food and water bowls, car accessories, beds, first aid, flea and tick care, grooming supplies, life jackets, stain removers, supplements, toys, training aids, and more. For cats, they offer bowls and feeders, collars, leashes and harnesses, grooming supplies, health and first aid supplies, litter, stain removers, supplements, toys, training aids, treats, memorials, and more. They also offer...
Published by jennifer morin 60 months ago in Pet Health | +0 votes | 0 comments is committed to bringing you the most unique, interactive and hard-to-find dog toys in the market. The dog products and dog toys offered by are based on their uniqueness, ruggedness, durability and safety. is very much committed to the quality of the products they offer and also their mission is to bring the newest, coolest best dog toys to all those energetic dogs out there. Following are the products offered by
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Plainville, Massachusetts-based The Bird Shed is an e-commerce and retail company specializing in bird products, supplies and related outdoor accessories. The company's slogan is: "The backyard birder's choice." The Bird Shed features over 7,000 products, including the following: Bird Houses Bird Feeders Bird Baths  Purple Martin Houses & Accessories Going Green Birding Items Window Feeders Bat Houses Wind Chimes Hummingbird Feeders  Weathervanes  Binoculars &...
Published by William J. Felchner 60 months ago in Pet Health | +0 votes | 0 comments
Backyard Birds & Discovery Center specializes in wild bird products like bird houses, bird baths and bird food. Backyard Birds & Discovery Center also sells home and garden products. Backyard Birds & Discovery Center also carries a wide selection Yardbirds and H&K sculptures for both the home and garden. Backyard Birds & Discovery Center sells: Apparel Hats Shirts Garden Products Arbors Bottle Trees Faucets Forest Faces Fountains Garden ...
Published by Patricia Cartwright 60 months ago in Pet Health | +2 votes | 0 comments is the web-based merchant for the UGODOG indoor dog potty and house training system. features UGODOG Pads, Potty Training a comparison of UGODOG Pads with Pee Pads and Artificial Grass Dog Potty, and a host of information about the UGODOG product components and how to use UGODOG products.
Published by Latoya Lawrence 60 months ago in Pet Health | +4 votes | 0 comments is an online store that sells stuff for pets. offers pet food, toys, collars and leashes, and a wide assortment of other pet supplies. also sells Leather purses, wallets and accessories, and lawn and garden supplies. sells: Dog products Pet products Cat products Aquarium products Pet-Bird products Wild-Bird products Reptile products American West Leather Equine products Lawn and Garden Pond products Farm and Home Rep...
Published by Patricia Cartwright 61 months ago in Pet Health | +2 votes | 0 comments is an online store that offers parasite treatments for dogs and cats worldwide for a lower than average price. carries parasite treatments for: Small Dogs Medium Dogs Large Dogs Extra Large Dogs Cats carries all the best and most popular brands of flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal worms treatments:   Advantage  Advantix  Advocate  Certifect  Comfortis  Drontal  Frontline Combo  Fr...
Published by Travis Burdick 61 months ago in Pet Health | +3 votes | 0 comments
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